May 17, 2016. Business Data Centre Author: Matt Atkinson

EMC World 2016 - Matt's Diary

My first impression of the event and location was simply the sheer size of this convention. Bearing in mind I’ve never stepped out of Europe, I couldn’t believe how BIG everything is in Vegas. EMC World in 2016 had 17,000 registrations attending who all needed a chair to sit on and breakfast, lunch and refreshments provided daily. I was so impressed with how well the event was orchestrated. The Venetian was the perfect venue, it has 4049 rooms and stands 145M high. To put that into perspective, I live in a village with 4000 occupants. We could all leave the village and occupy The Venetian and no one would need to share a room!

EMC World 2016, Las vegas

My key takeaways from the event were the firsthand announcements of the new technologies which has allowed Arrow to be able to articulate the messaging to our partners quickly. It was also interesting to see how the Dell acquisition will help our partners become more profitable by being given access to a wider portfolio of technologies. It was great to meet business partners based in the U.S and network with my peers from across the globe who I usually only speak to over email and the telephone.

We've put together short quick reference sheets which summarise the announcements from each day, please see below. You can also view more photos from the event here.

Day 1 Update


EMC Unity

Virtustream Hyper-Scale Cloud Storage for seamless cloud extensibility

EMC LEAP – A suite of Intuitive, Cloud- Native Content Apps

EMC World 2016

Day 2 Update


EMC Native Hybrid Cloud and Neutrino Nodes deliver “Cloud Native” capabilities

EMC Rolls out Bigger, Faster, Better Flash solutions with DSSD D5

Data Domain Cloud Tier Delivers Cost Effective Long-Term Retention for the Modern Data Centre

Day 3 Update


EMC Nitro

EMC World 2016

In summary, if you receive the opportunity to visit EMC World, reach out and grab it with both hands. The networking potential is limitless and the updates and information you’ll take back into your business are invaluable.

The conference closing party held a live concert performed by Duran Duran for 17,000 and whilst walking back from the conference I came across a familiar face, Joe Tucci (Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and Chief Executive Officer of EMC Corporation). I shook his hand and wished him all the best in his retirement; he replied “I’m sure we’ll cross paths again Matt”.

Photo Credit: All photos courtesy of EMC

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