July 26, 2016. Marketing Author: Louise Lenton-Bradley

Virtual Marketing Manager – Be the hostess with the mostess!

Welcome back readers, this month we are talking events management and the complexity and stress involved in event planning. Fear not, Arrow is here to help!

Planning an event can be a daunting task and the ability to efficiently plan and execute successful corporate events doesn’t happen overnight. Arrow has years of experience and a dedicated marketing team with a wide skillset, so when it comes to planning events we think we have it nailed! 

If you’re thinking of becoming an event organising pro, we recommend the Arrow Virtual Marketing Manager as a good place to start! 

Based on years of experience running events, the Arrow team aims to extend their knowledge to you by offering reference material, templates, checklists and best practice advice to delivering an event to remember. 

Arrow ECS VMM, Virtual Marketing Manager

And when we say an event to remember we mean for all the right reasons! Not because your speaker didn’t turn up because they got the wrong day and you tried to fill the time with comedy sketch you watched on tv the night before.

The Virtual Marketing Manager (VMM) unlocks a wealth of marketing offerings including the Events Portal. The Events Portal was designed with Arrow partners in mind. It’s dedicated to offering you support and guidance when planning, managing and organising an event.

This online events assistant provides useful tips and handy event tools as well as connecting you to one of Arrow’s trusted agencies whose online software platform can automate and optimise the logistics of organising events. 

Visit the VMM today and check out the portal for yourself! We really hope you find this portal a valuable tool when planning your next event - it would be great to hear your feedback so why not leave a comment below?


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