April 19, 2016. Marketing Author: Louise Lenton-Bradley

Virtual Marketing Manager – Back with a Bang!

As part of Arrow’s Five Years Out philosophy, the Marketing team continually strives to improve the Marketing Services that we provide to our partners. 

Over the past few months I have focused my attention on our Virtual Marketing Manager (VMM) – an online platform designed to help Arrow partners of all sizes to plan and implement successful marketing campaigns. After all, when it comes to running a marketing campaign who would say no to ready-to-go campaign materials that have been designed, written and branded with your company logo in just 15 minutes? But that’s not all... 

I wanted to understand how Arrow partners were utilising the Virtual Marketing Manager and what they else they’d like to see, so I set to work enhancing existing features and adding new ones to give the VMM a touch of 2016 marketing magic! I’m writing a series of posts to introduce you to the new features, so stay tuned over the coming weeks for tips on how to use the revamped VMM.

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New Resource Library

In this post we're saying hello to the new and improved Resource Library! The Resource Library has been refurbished, giving it a new user friendly interface which now hosts a variety of vendor and industry specific content. The Resource Library is home to a multitude of articles, blogs, infographics and opinion pieces from thought leaders and industry experts, putting an end to trawling the web and saving Arrow partners valuable time. 

Not only is the content now all in one handy, easily accessible library you can also ‘favourite’ the content most applicable to you so it’s there when you need it! Forget to ‘favourite’? Don’t worry! The new super search function is built around content tags and can be used to quickly locate campaigns, customisable items and downloadable resources using key words and phrases. 

VMM, Virtual Marketing Manager, Arrow VMM      VMM, Virtual Marketing Manager, Arrow VMM

The Virtual Marketing Manager has so much to offer, from fully customisable marketing campaigns and supporting social assets, to helpful guides and advice on running a successful event end-to-end. The homepage is a sign-post point giving you access to associated marketing platforms such as The Hub, Solution Station and the Sales Leads Portal as well as rolling social streams providing partners with the latest updates from Arrow Marketing on social

So, what are you waiting for? Sign into the Virtual Marketing Manager now to see what's changed and what's new!


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