April 15, 2016. Business Cloud Podcasts Author: David Fearne, Richard Holmes

Arrow Bandwidth Episode 3 - Cloud in 2016

The podcast from Arrow UK to help the channel better understand the trends, technologies and concepts facing the IT industry today. Hosted by Arrow’s Technical Director David Fearne, who is joined by experts from within Arrow and from around the industry every week. 

Cloud in 2016 

Cloud has been a buzz word for years, it's evolved, devolved and started to lose its original meaning. Is this down to false horizons, misunderstanding or faith in this disruptive technology? This week we intend to pull back the covers and reveal some top tips for what can be achieved with cloud in 2016. Where should businesses be focusing their attention to gain the most benefit, and what to avoid to see the greatest ROI? Plus, the first in Arrow Bandwidth history, a quiz!. 

Host: David Fearne, Arrow Technical Director

Host: Richard Holmes, Arrow IBM Solutions Leader

Special Guest: Andrew McLean, Compare the Cloud 


Useful Reading: 

Why should partners build a Cloud business and how Arrow can help

Arrow Cloud Enablement Programme


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 Up next week, we take a look at the Software-Defined Data Centre!

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